Tired of using Form Builders and managing excel sheets?

If you are tired of using form builders, managing excel sheets, and worrying about your client’s data then this tool is a life saver for you. Endless Integrations, Countless awesome things to do with BlazeUp, for example, you can integrate your form with telegram and receive form responses directly on your phone.

Realtime — We deliver responses to you in real-time so that you never miss any potential customers.

📥 Direct to Inbox — Get your customer’s response directly to your inbox.

🛡️ Secure — Your data is 100% secure, we don’t store any data from you or your customers.

🪙 Best Price — Believe it or not, we provide the best pricing. Most affordable packages.

👨‍💻 No-Code friendly — Don’t want to code? Don’t worry, we have templates just for you.

Supports Everywhere — BlazeUp is supported by all modern frameworks and regular websites.

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Vishwa Gaurav

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